Budapest has got many sides, so if you’re looking for an elegant and luxurious experience, you will find it here. With its romantic atmosphere, beautiful shopping streets and artsy vintage cafes, this city is a perfect choice for a girls’ getaway, or a weekend with your significant other! We collected you our five favorite activities to make your stay here as fancy as possible!

5. Visiting the Ludwig Museum

Going to museums can sound boring, but we promise you that at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary arts you’ll want to instagram almost everything! The museum is housed in the Palace of Arts, close to the Rákóczi Bridge. The exhibitions are temporary, so you can see artworks of international artists.

4. Cruise on the Danube

The panorama at the Danube is beautiful in the evenings, with the city’s lights shimmering on the water. There are many cruises available in Budapest, some of which are even include dinner, or wine tasting. What could be better than having a romantic candlelight dinner with your significant other while cruising near Buda castle?

3. Going to New York Cafe

The New York Cafe is considered one of the most beautiful cafes of the world – and we can see why! This is certainly the most elegant place to have breakfast at, with delicate decorations and exceptional service. It can be found in the Boscolo hotel, on Erzsébet boulevard. If you want to show off, don’t miss this place!

2. Spa day at Rudas Bath

Rudas Bath is originally a Turkish bath, and a part of it was renovated in that style. But recently, they built a really modern spa part as an extention. It has got a huge terrace with a jacuzzi, and since the bath is situated next to the Danube river, the panorama from there is unbelievably beautiful. You can spend a luxurious spa day here for sure!

1. Shopping at Váci street

In downtown Budapest, there is a street which is all about shopping! It stretches from Vörösmarty square to the Great Market Hall. You can find everything here, from souvenirs to high fashion clothes and accessories. Recently, H&M opened a huge store there in a beautiful three storey building which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, which is definitely worth a visit!

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