First time in Budapest – Amelia 👛 Liana

First time in Budapest – Amelia 👛 Liana

Amelia Liana’s Budapest getaway seems so much fun. Their journey starts at Four Season Hotel which is located in the heart of the city facing with stunning Danube river. We loved the view of the room. After exploring the historical Buda Castle and enjoying the panoramic Budapest view, they give a break to have a dinner at Tg Italiano.

The 5 fanciest things to do in Budapest

Budapest has got many sides, so if you’re looking for an elegant and luxurious experience, you will find it here. With its romantic atmosphere, beautiful shopping streets and artsy vintage cafes, this city is a perfect choice for a girls’ getaway, or a weekend with your significant other! We collected you our five favourite activities to make your stay here as fancy as possible!

4 Best Budapest Baths

Budapest has many beauties which are waiting for you to discover them. However, the most important of them are that city has lots of baths with a healing hot water. Regardless of the weather or season you can enjoy the hot water and the relaxing feeling of these baths. There is no specific time for going them but we would suggest you to visit them in winter and enjoy the hot water in cold weather.