The clock is ticking, you and your friends will have to push yourselves to the limit to solve a series of sinister riddles and cynical codes. Beat the “games” and you’ll get to taste sweet fresh air. But should you fail…
Please note: This is not for the faint hearted, twists, turns, shocks and sudden nasty surprises await as you try to find a key in every corner of the room, which will eventually secure your freedom. Those with existing heart, blood pressure or other medical conditions should check with their doctor before taking part.

There are 3 games to choose from…

  • Saw – Based on the infamous films, you find yourselves in a dark room, then a message on a tape recorder starts playing…
  • Lost – You’re in the wreckage of a plane, everything is hazy and you don’t know how you got here but surely there has to be a way out…?
  • Paniq-Cinema – Your worst nightmares are coming to life. Have you got the will and strength to survive?

This is full on heart thumping action from the moment you hear the door slamming shut behind you. You’ll need real teamwork to solve the puzzles and every stag will need to play his part.



Other information

  • Live action game play
  • Puzzles, tricks & traps
  • 3 games to choose from
  • all stagweb’s extras



Minimum Guests



2-3 hours




+44 1225 474200


Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-5PM

Saturday: closed

Sunday: closed

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Charles Bourdil
Charles Bourdil
19:46 08 Mar 18
Their handling of the snow storm in Edinburgh was nothing but disappointment.Avoid this company.
18:01 08 Mar 18
Avoid them, you’re gonna loose your moneyWe never had a chance to do any activities with them but they took our money and as we speak they still don’t want to refund anything, event if we have done O activity with them...I have the feeling that I’ve been robbed, litteraly!
Gerhard Henning
Gerhard Henning
14:31 08 Jan 18
This was the easiest way to organise an action-packed stag. All we had to do was pay and rock up! Ben Donaldson and Josh Ralf made it quick, easy and fun! Many thanks
Charles Mcgregor
Charles Mcgregor
14:47 18 Sep 17
Really great service, from start to finish. I'm not big on planing because I'm lazy and can't be bothered trolling through the internet. This was a great one stop shop that offers plenty to do. The go-karting and beer tasting was a favourite with most and the beer bike also a main taking point.Poppy our event planner and point of contact was very helpful and proactive with emails and reminders.Couldn't recommend this enough. Well done guys
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor
15:29 04 Sep 17
I was a little apprehensive at first about letting someone else organise my brother's stag party - but as it turned out, I didn't need to worry about anything. The weekend went smoothly, everyone enjoyed themselves and it was stress-free for me too. The booking process was simple, the itinerary was perfect and, of course, the customer service was faultless. Rachael Trant-McCarthy always made sure any queries I had were answered quickly and efficiently, making sure the weekend was a success. I'd definitely recommend Rachael and her team to anyone else looking to book up an event. They're the experts.
Charlie Fryer
Charlie Fryer
12:22 21 Nov 17
StagWeb (through Samantha Sainsbury and her colleagues Jamie & Jamie) took the hassle out of chasing individuals for payments and booking separate activities, they were professionally presented online and via communication. Prague was an amazing place to visit, activities were enjoyed by all, everything on time and fluid. Definitely recommend electric go-karting!! StagWeb made me as a best man look 10/10, would definitely recommend and use in the future!! Thanks very much (Charlie, 'Liams Stag - Prage 2017')
Daniel Marsland
Daniel Marsland
21:41 08 May 18
Excellent company to arrange a stag do with. They did all the hard work. Invites and money collected through there great website. Any queries they were happy to help. Ben helped me sort the stag do and was easily contactable and quick to reply.
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies
10:31 05 Apr 18
Ben Donaldson and Tom Keenan both made planning my brother's stag do a piece of cake. Everything is so clear to understand and plan. Any queries I had, both Ben and Tom replied rapidly. As someone who hates planning and organising stuff, StagWeb was a godsend. In addition, for what we did and where we stayed we got truly excellent value.I couldn't recommend this service more. 10/10, five stars, 100%!
Luke Walker
Luke Walker
20:08 05 Apr 18
Had a great time when StagWeb organised my stag to Prague. Everything ran really smoothly, and had a great selection of activities, and they knew their audience very well!
Lewis K
Lewis K
10:27 15 May 18
If your looking for an easy ride. StagWeb is the option for you.The self payments for stag goers is such a help. No faffing about with your mates who have no dosh to pay you back.. so simple. Staff are helpful and attentive with swift responses to any queries. I would recommend.
Sean Wheeler
Sean Wheeler
17:08 15 May 18
Excellent website for planning any stag do or fun activities for a lads holiday.the service team are very helpful and the prices for the activities is very good value ex £85 for two !! I would recommend this site for any stags and people looking to have a great time 👍🏻
Dan Rock
Dan Rock
16:27 30 May 18
Harriet and the team made the whole stag do process hassle free and took a lot of stress out of organising my mates big day. Prices are fixed (as long as you have min of 8 people) so that puts your mind at rest as there are always people that let you down. Our group started at 20 and ended up 11 with not extra cost incured. The online payment system take a big ballache away from planning a big weekend. People can log in and pay there own bill to save you chasing everyone and collecting money. It made a big difference having someone on the other side to pick us up and guide us around so we never had to worry about how we would get anywhere. Overall I can't recommend these guys enough. All ways returning calls and emails quickly, it just took a lot of the stress out of it and allowed us to look forward to and enjoy our time in Budapest.
Lee Greenshields
Lee Greenshields
10:50 01 Jun 18
Stagweb takes away most of the stressBy having all accommodation, events and payments in one location I had a lot of the stress taken away from me. Plus, whenever I had any questions the team were always prompt in their response and very helpful. I would recommend Stagweb to any best man trying to organise an event
Naveen Pattar
Naveen Pattar
22:12 08 Jun 18
I would highly recommend. Staff were responsive in responding to queries and making any requested changes to the itinerary. The hotel provided was in a great location, and the activities were well arranged. Using them took away all the hassle of booking activities and then collecting money from all attendees.
James Edkins
James Edkins
10:15 18 Jun 18
The whole weekend was really good fun, all of us said how it easy it was, we just had to turn up to the activities and enjoy them.The found the company website very easy to navigate and their customer service was impeccable, our organiser Katy Goodship was outstanding and anyone booking should ask for her.I will definitely be booking again them and i hope lots of others will
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