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Super sexy steak supper

Steak and attractive girls, what more can you need? Bring your stag and indulge in a sexy steakdinner before sending him off down the aisle.

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Body Sushi

How would you like to eat sushi in an exotic unorthodox way? If you are a fan of sushi, why not eating it off a gorgeous Hungarian dancer?
You will receive sushi, a girl to eat it off of, and a story to tell everyone back home!

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Stag do activities Budapest: Mud Wrestling Show

👯 Ever imagined watching a physical contest from the stands? Do you know the definition of fighting dirty?
There’s something primal about modern mud wrestling that really makes a competition worth watching. Watch the amazon wrestlers put on a show you won’t easily forget! The raw nature of this struggle makes for an eventful and captivating brawl.

A mud wrestling show is the perfect stag do activity, because at the end of the show, the stag can get involved too, and take his chances with the dangerously sexy opposition.
PRICE: €40 / prs
🔞 👯 💋 🦌 ☁️
🤵🏻 min. 10 person 🇬🇧 English-speaking guide🥃 Welcome drink 🍻 2 round beer🤼‍♀️ Stag Participation in 2nd round ⏱ Show: 2 x 12 min.
Booking & Enquiries

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CoverGirls Lesbi Show

While enjoying your stag do in Budapest, we are sure you want to indulge in quality experiences. Having two gorgeous hungarian girls put on a show for you will give you a run for your money. Our shows are put on to ensure maximum satisfaction, because the last nights of a stag do are very important. The girls who will be putting on a show for you are not just your regular dancers. We only work with models and pin up girls who have a background in entertaining, and know exactly what their audience desires.

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For bachelor weekend: Exotic Oriental Dinner BellyDance and Shisha

If you are a foodie and looking to break out of the ruts of dining while on your stag do, join us for something truly special. Take a trip into exotic eastern nights while enjoying authentic shisha and food that will make you want to come back for more!

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xXx shooting – Behind the scene – Porn BackSTAGe eXperience

xxx shooting If u ever wished to see behind the production curtains and witness how a scene is made, it may just become a reality. Join us!

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