Going out doesn’t have to mean blowing your week’s pay, or your savings! Budapest is fortunately kind to its younger visitors and those on a tight budget, which means you don’t have to spend your Friday nights at home in fear of over-spending on entrance fees and shouting your friends. These places are all conscious of such worries, so you can plan your night out on the town whilst being mindful of your budget.

5 student-friendly bars on google maps 

Morrison’s 2

An iconic bar in Budapest, Morrison’s is every student’s dream, with very low prices and very big parties. For small entrance fees, you can drink with coupons and party ‘til the early hours.


Half price Mondays! Every drink is half price on Mondays, and everyone seems to disregard that the coming working week, as Mondays are always packed at Kuplung.


Located right near ELTE, one of Hungary’s most prominent universities, it’s no doubt why Csendes is a hit with local students both during the day and through the night. Csendes is decorated in typical ruin-pub style, with an eclectic mix of random objects that seem to have been dug up from a grandmother’s basement.

Corvinus Café

The eerily dated interior and colourful lighting don’t seem to detract from this bar’s popularity. Students favour this place’s prices, as there’s always discounts available on drinks including cocktails, and two for the price of one offers are especially loved!


Right behind Corvinus university is Trapez, a homely, down-to-earth pub with student-friendly prices and a cosy interior that’s the perfect place to unwind.

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