One of the most remarkable elements of the Hungarian capital’s architecture is the Art Noveau style. You can also see a lot of buildings made of limestone – such as the Parliament building-  which have an enchanting color, especially in the sunset. You can easily find a lot of beautiful ones by just strolling in the city, but we listed the must-see ones for you.


5. Hungarian State Opera House

Probably the most beautiful building you’ll come across while strolling on Andrássy avenue is the Opera House. Relatively small but beautifully ornated, it was finished in 1884, during the Austro-Hungarian era . There are guided tours available inside the building, but you can also watch an Opera or Ballet. 

4. St Stephens Basilica

Despite it’s complicated and long construction, St Stephen’s Basilica became the biggest and definitely one of the most beautiful churches of Hungary. It took nearly 50 years to finish because the dome collapsed, but now that it’s built, you can get a great view from it. It contains the mummified hand of the state’s founder king, St Stephen. The surrounding square is a really popular meeting point amongst locals.

3. Fishermen’s Bastion

Fishermens Bastion Budapest

Up in the castle district, you can find the Fishermen’s bastion which is a neo-Roman building made of limestone. It’s name dates back to the medieval times, when the Fishermen’s guild was in charge of protecting this section. Its 7 towers represent the seven ancient Hungarian tribes. You can get an exceptional view from here.

2. Heroes’ Square

At the end of Andrássy avenue, where the City Park starts, you can find our most spacious square with beautiful statues. It was built to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Magyar conquest of Hungary in 895. There are a lot of museums surrounding the square, and a lot of events also take place here.

1. Parliament building

Situated on the Pest embankment on the Danube, the Hungarian Parliament Building is a truly breathtaking sight. It was built in neo-Gothic style, and it was finished in 1902. The huge limestone building is delicately designed, making it look like a jewel sitting on the river. You can get the best view of it from Batthyányi square, which is on the opposite side of the Danube, or from Margaret Bridge.

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